Paxful account has been frozen third communication

A funny thing happened during this time

After I send the first email
I received an email from paxful
The screenshot below is in Chinese
The translation into English is: This email is hereby notified that your account has been unrestricted.

I was so happy when I received this email
My paxful account is finally unblocked
As before, it will be unblocked in about a week
But when I log in to the paxful account, I find that it is still frozen
At first I thought it was a browser cache issue
I try to log in to my paxful account with a different browser
Found still frozen
I started to contact paxful customer service again

First, I’m confused

Second, I was surprised to find
The location marked in my picture is not my name at all

Apparently, the customer service even copied and pasted the reply email
It is conceivable that this kind of mistake is not the first time paxful has made

The customer service replies to a large number of such inquiry emails every day
Just copy and paste directly, in order to quickly reply to the consultation email
They copy and paste emails from replies to other users,
Not even the username will be changed


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