PAXFUL : Your account has been frozen

Hello everyone, today I would like to talk to you about a problem that many people may have, Paxful frozen

I have been using PXFUL for 3 years.

My Feedback has Positive feedback 679, and there is only one Negative feedback, and the only Negative feedback appeared on November 13, 2019.

I just want to say that I am a paxful honest businessman, and I have never had any transaction disputes. The only Negative feedback is caused by the buyer’s bad math. You can take a look at this Negative feedback.

I have rarely used paxful in recent years, just store my digital currency in paxful’s wallet.

On December 8, 2022, I logged into my paxful as usual. At this time, I discovered the paxful prompt: Your account has been frozen. Yes, I have not received any email notification from paxful before this. I only found out when I logged into my paxful account. So I don’t know the specific time when the paxful account was frozen.

Because I encountered this situation before, my paxful account was frozen 2 times. Because I am an honest businessman, the freeze will be unfrozen after the paxful investigation, which will not exceed 7 days. So I didn’t think much of it. Start contacting paxful customer service.

From then on, my nightmare began.

It has been more than 3 months and more than 100 days.

Because the paxful account is frozen, so far, more than 100 emails have been sent to paxful customer service. Still not resolved.

Paxful always copy and paste to reply to my email, the investigation is in progress and there is no processing timetable. In the first few days, I thought it was because I deposited some digital currency in the Paxful wallet, which caused Paxful to think it was risky, so it froze my account. In the beginning, my paxful account was frozen, but it became banned after a few days. Then change back to the frozen state again. This shows the confusion of paxful audit management. In the email that paxful responded to later, I found that paxful customer service copied and pasted the content in a fixed format to me, and even copied and pasted other people’s paxful usernames. At this time, I realized that paxful not only froze my personal account .

My paxful account deposited thousands of dollars worth of digital currency before it was found to be frozen. If paxful froze my account because there were too many digital currencies deposited in the wallet, then did paxful freeze hundreds of thousands of dollars? In paxful Account with digital currency in wallet? ? ? ! ! !

My paxful account has been frozen for more than 100 days. Every time I contact paxful customer service, they will only copy and paste the content in a fixed format.

My digital currency is USDT, so I am not afraid of the trouble of depreciation. What if the frozen user is BTC? Paxful freezes the account for more than 1 or 2 years. If the btc plummets, who will bear the loss?

Or my more malicious guess, what if paxful doesn’t unfreeze the account? what will happen? Does the digital currency inside belong to paxful? ? ! !

I wonder if paxful is profitable because it can freeze the paxful account at will? ? ! !
My paxful has been frozen for 3 months without any transaction dispute. What about the rest? ? ! !
How many accounts are still frozen by Paxful, and whether the digital currency inside has been embezzled by Paxful! ! ? ?

All the above are my doubts, I don’t have an answer, I hope paxful can give me a clear answer instead of copy and paste.

It’s hard for me to believe that it took 3 months for the paxful account review team to review my account and it hasn’t been completed yet. If it really takes 3 months or more, then we can infer from the time how many accounts with money in the wallet that Paxful has frozen, and I need to wait in line for more than 3 months before the review is completed? ? ! !


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